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'Unseasonable', 2021
45 mph wind, inkjet print on bib tengujo, QR code, 350x186cm


© 2023 by Helen Elizabeth.


I'm interested in a 'de-centering' of the human, such that the vitalities and energies of materials, natural processes and elements contribute to the making of these works.  I see the process as a series of human - nonhuman encounters, a form of collaboration. 


I've been documenting disrupted weather systems and the marks on these prints were made by 45 mph unseasonable winds in February 2021.  The prints are hung on the thinnest of Japanese papers (12gsm), that respond to the surrounding airflow. 


The QR code is from the book ‘Remembering Nature: 140 Artists’ Ideas for the Planet’, edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist.  


This is one of the 'recipes' by the artist Jota Mombaça:

‘’Okay: breathe.

  Now, turn off your phone, 

  and open all the doors and windows of your home:


  whisper a secret to the wind’'

'Storm drawings', 2019 - 
rain, wind, charcoal, soil, pigment, paper


Dennis, February 2020, 73x65cm


Jorge, March 2020, 77x52cm

Sky River, July 2020 2020, 120x67cm

The 'voice' of the storm.  Ongoing.....

'Kipos', 2020

eco-print on paper, 200 x 140cm


Image 4.jpg

Detail, 'Kipos', 2020 

It was spring 2020. Lockdown.  I was missing my sister who was away in Greece.  

Storm 'drawings' again  ...2022 -


Eunice, 2023, 52 mph wind, screen etch resist, sugar lift, on Somerset, 110 x 70 cm 


Detail Eunice, 2023

The Making of Eunice, 2023 

Franklin, 2023,
50 mph wind,
screen etch resist, sugar lift, on Somerset, 70 x 56 cm 

 Wisening Wind series, 2023 -  


Wisening Wind I, 2023 

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