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I'm interested in the relationship between the human and more-than human at this critical time for life on Earth.  I'm currently researching wetlands, edges, unstable land-water grounds, soil and disrupted weather systems.  I explore human-nonhuman assemblage where the vitality and energy of materials, natural processes and elements contribute to the making of the work with minimal human intervention.  

I work onsite, immersing myself in the environments I am researching and drawing on a full range of sensory, bodily and emotional responses to explore, question and communicate the multiple ways we come to 'know'. 

I view my practice as a series of encounters. I attempt to document these through drawing, photographic processes, printmaking, video, 3D, installation and ongoing collaboration.  I seek to practice sustainably, using materials from the site in which I am working and I explore processes of loss, decay, repair, and renewal. 
Key themes are associated with materiality, deep time, interconnection, impermanence, and change, along with broader questions about what is at risk and what is possible.  
I am an artist, activist and psychologist based in London.  


Detail: 'It's over', 2021

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